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Going out to eat? Need something to do tonight? A place to stay? Publish or learn of a Public Service? or simply just want to take advantage of the giveaways? You're on the right website!! McAllen is growing, becoming more metropolitan and we want you to keep up.  We want tourists to visit McAllen for vacation and for  McAllen citizens to enjoy their staycation as much as possible.

We are Lizbeth and Carlos Muriel.

"McAllen, a small town with a big city feel"

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5 ways to improve your business

HAPPY SMALL BUSINESS APPRECIATION WEEK!! the valley is full of them, and as I mentioned before.. that is one of the most amazing features about the valley.. that it is NOT bombarded by franchises!!! LOVES small business and we want them to GROW!!! we want them to STAY in business! Pink Cactus Marketing & Advertising is the name of our agency.. & is the very first website we launched.. once we grow (which we will... ) we will move on to different cities.. here are some tips from PINK CACTUS MARKETING & ADVERTISING

1- BRAND YOUR BUSINESS :  the BRAND of your business is SUPER important, it should be the first priority BEFORE your logo, letterhead, business cards and EVEN business name. In order to BRAND properly you need to DEFINE your companies identity. A "good" brand tells you WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO, and HOW YOU DO IT.

2-LOGO: your LOGO is the face of your business.. is it memorable? i've said this 1 million times to our clients... "does your logo define who you are?" it needs to be CLEAN, not too messy, not too colorful but bold.. it needs to make an impact! once you've established your logo ask yourself this "if a stranger to my business saw my LOGO, would they know what my business is?" if the answer is "NO" then you've got yourself a RE-DO!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE LOGOS!!

3-BUSINESS CARD: we have ALL seen them, and we have all ignored a few.. why do we do this? because it may have been boring, traditional and/or NOT memorable! it's a competitive world out there!! specially for those who live in the valley, we are all competing for the same buck!! soo when you meet someone, let them remember your BUSINESS card, it shouldn't be too busy, nor to wordy.. CLEAN!! less is more! here is a GREAT example:

4-KNOW YOUR CLIENT: I've seen it A LOT! you definitely do not want to be selling sand in a dessert.. you may want to sell one thing but that may not be what your audience wants!! give your client what they want.. ask them, do surveys/polls, do your research.

5- INVEST: there are several things that are worth investing in when you are opening or maintain a business: one of them is ADVERTISING!! specially when opening, I've seen this happen.. soo many times.. people open their business, and they expect to make a profit RIGHT AWAY and then they end up closing 3 months later, educate your customers about what your business is ALL about!!

-ADVERTISE!! ADVERTISE!! ADVERTISE!! this is why i love my clients to death, because I know that I am doing something for their business.. and I am spreading the word about what they are all about!!

-spend money on your business cards (don't go for the cheapest.. go for what is best for you), promotional items are great! such as pens, cups, stickers (depending on the type of your business) 

best part of advertising? it is all TAX deductible!! since it is a business expense!!

( A GREAT PLACE to purchase all of those promotional items, business cards & much much more is at COPY PLUS.. a LOCAL business that offer SUPER DUPER FAST service!! go to our "services" & then go to "printing services" they also have a facebook!!! )

thank you for giving us an opportunity to share these tips with you! we appreciate every single SMALL or BIG business here in the valley, and we would love to SERVE YOU!

- Lizbeth Lilian Muriel



So I went to Pepper's today to go talk to Giselle about the decor for the event "COSMOS FOR THE FABULOUS" (Sex and the City 2 premiere cosmos celebration) we are trying to workout every detail of it, Pepper's is sponsoring one of the theatres soo stay tuned to receive a FREE pair of tickets... the idea for the event is for people to go and have the famous COSMO at Pepper's for ONLY  $5 enjoy some giveaways and then head on over to the premiere.. JUST FABULOUS!!! here is the flyer for the event!!  

and well the Fabulous Giselle was a little late to our meeting... because she decided to break a nail!! (I told her to come up with a better excuse for her broken nail.. go figure) she literally tore off her entire nail while reversing.. LEAVE IT TO HER TO MANAGE TO DO THAT!! here is a pic.. *pinky's up* I had to sit there and stare at everyone else enjoy their martinis.. and ofcourse I couldnt have one since I was there for business.. THURSDAY is MARTINI day at PEPPER'S and EVERYONE is taking advantage of.. I felt as if they all sat around me on purpose..


so I was there with one of her friends and a miniature version of Giselle (her adorable daughter) and I decided to order my newest discovery.. THE SICILIAN SALAD from Pepper's IT IS DIVINE!! soo refreshing.. every bite of it is a FLAVOR EXPLOSION!! yumm yumm yummmmmm... I am kind of mad at them for not coming up with this sooner.... as I enjoyed the very alst bites of my salad. Giselle decided to order the lunch special which today was Picadillo empanadas & rice & beans.. I dont think i've ever had empanadas with meat.. BUT YUMM it was delicious.. i brought some home to my hubby, they actually traveled VERY well.. and his exact words were "it's kinda lame but i'm actually sad that this is the last bite" Here is a pic of my salad, I know that it has home-made parmesan dressing, strawberries, seedless green and purple grapes, caramelize walnuts & lots of love!!!

So as I anxiously wait for this NEXT Thursday ( the Premiere of Sex and the City 2) I am very open to suggestions for the event.. what would you like to see, what giveaways would you like to receive? what decor goes well for a SEX AND THE CITY theme?? leave me a comment with your response!!

much love <333 Lizbeth Muriel


an EXTRA-special day

"God could not be everywhere, therefor he made mothers" -Jewish proverb

Mothers day is a very special day to me (no, i'm not a mother) but I have one, AND I have a mother-in-law.. to be it is a Holiday and it is one of those days that merit a gift, however a GIFT is always tricky.. this year my husband I decided that we would take our moms out to eat, to Pepper's for their Mothers day brunch. I'm not going to lie.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE PEPPER'S and their new and delicious menu, but i'm not the #1 fan of brunch..  but off to Pepper's we go.. (my mom was unable to make it) we invited my mother-in-law, her husband, my sister-in-law and her husband. From the second that we walked in.. we were SURPRISED.. I had just been to Pepper's the night before, but it was completely transformed yesterday..

it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! it was classy, simple, festive, and colorful!! all at once.. Quite frankly, I know i couldnt expect ANY less from First Class Engagements, they do the absolute BEST decorations, centerpieces.. ANYTHING!! as we were greeted by the hostess and we were seated, we were given a card that had our names on it.. and said "WE APPRECIATE YOU" "WE LOVE TO SERVE YOU - Carlos & Lizbeth Muriel" and I couldn't of felt MORE appreciated!! My hubby and I felt special.. (something about personalized, hand written greetings that makes it 1000x more special) needless to say that the food was TOP NOTCH!! absolutely delciious.. it was in a buffet style, like this:

my first thought was "SKIP THE BREAKFAST.. IT'S PAST NOON!!" but i'm soo glad i didn't listen to ME.. hahaha omggg.. delicious pancakess..fresh fruit.. soo soo good!! their HUEVITO was delicious!!  then I went straight to my favorite dish from Pepper's their SPAGHETTI  ALLA BOLOGNESE -  I would've been a happy camper with just the spaghetti...ever since they changed their new menu, i've come to the conclusion that I may be addicted to their spaghetti their sauce is soo rich.. and just as we thought we were done.. we saw  the delicious tower of goodies..

YES!! those are GIDDYS!! the tiniest of them all!! they made their debut at the mothers day brunch!! and YES they come with fillin too!! and YES they are just as delicious as the "ORIGINAL" size.. ohh I was in heaven, i felt as if it was a celebration for me and not for my mother-in-law!! my hubby must have eaten 4 of them!! I must say that I am looking forward to celebrating mothers day next year.. everything was AMAZING thank YOU Pepper's for you FANTASTIC customer service, and your delicious FOOD!! on behalf of our family to you.. THANK YOU for making this day EXTRA-Special

Special thanks to Sandra, from first Class Engagement - you are a true professional!! you can transform any room into something striaght out of  fairy-tale!! (First Class Engagements 956-451-2996 / 956-212-2811 )

Giselle, from Peppers - you have transformed this place into a venue that is truely enjoyable for every gernation.. the food was exquisite... our server Eli was soo nice!! (Pepper at Uptown 4620 North 10th Street
Mcallen, TX 78504-2910 (956) 618-5533)

Giddy Cupcakes - you couldn't of looked prettier.. and tasted yummier.. i wish i had more of you right now!!!

( )


Have a FUN and SAFE Spring Break 2010


Make sure your Spring Break is a relaxing escape from your semester, as opposed to a dangerous nightmare! Here are some important precautions to ensure your safety.

Looking forward to a getting away from classes and spending a week hanging out with friends on a beautiful beach? Spring Break is a quintessential part of the college experience, and it can be one of the highlights of your college career-- if you're careful. Here are some safety precautions and tips to help college (and high school) students have a fabulous Spring Break.


Property Safety

Be aware that there are lots of people out there who see students on Spring Break as easy targets for theft. Don't prove them correct. When traveling, here are some precautions you should always take with your valuables.

  • Take as few valuables with your on your trip as possible,
  • Book hotels that give you access to a safe. Lock up anything of value. Do not leave money or valuables around your room.
  • Always lock your hotel room door.
  • If you are traveling abroad, keep your passport in a secure location at all times.
  • Watch out for scam artists who try to rip off students. Avoid high pressure sales pitches, and never go off to a secluded location with someone who wants to sell you something.
  • If your cell phone or credit cards are stolen, report this immediately to the companies so they can cancel your service.
  • When booking your trip, watch out for Spring Break travel package scams.

Physical Safety

High profile cases such as Natalee Holloway-- a high school student who disappeared during her Spring Break trip to Aruba-- are uncommon. However, sexual violence and other violent acts during Spring Break are not. Neither are accidents. Use common sense and follow these simple safety tips.

  • Always stay in the proximity of at least one friend, and preferably two or three. Adhere strictly to this "buddy system" and do not leave with someone other than your buddies. Be sure to choose buddies you can trust.
  • Do not leave with strangers, even if it seems like a good idea at the time. Always err on the side of caution and trust your instincts.
  • Watch your drink very carefully! Be aware of "date rape" drugs that people may try to sneak into your drink. Never accept a drink from a stranger or let someone else hold your drink.
  • Never go to an isolated place with a stranger or someone you do not fully trust.
  • Carry a cell phone with you in case of an emergency.
  • Carry your identification and important medical information on your person in case of an emergency

Alcohol Safety

If you're going to drink during Spring Break, it's very important that you take precautions. Drunk college students are seen as a target for both theft and rape, so do not underestimate the way to take these reasonable precautions.

  • Binge drinking is a big part of the Spring Break experience for many students-- and it's what gets students into trouble the most. The safest approach is to not binge drink and to know your limit with alcohol. If you do drink excessively, always use the buddy system and lots of common sense.
  • Make sure you know the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning.
  • Do not drink and drive, ever. You know better.
  • Be aware of all local laws and regulations involving alcohol, especially if you are travelling abroad. A night in a foreign jail was probably not on your itinerary.
  • Intoxication greatly increases a woman's chance of being raped. If you drink, always rely on the buddy system and be very careful. As stated above, always keep an eye on your drink.

Additional Precautions

  • Use common sense when it comes to sun exposure. Always use sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 (higher if you have fair skin), and be sure to wear sunscreen even if it's cloudy. Wear hats and good sunglasses
  • Use common sense when it comes to swimming and water safety. Never swim alone, and avoid swimming when no lifeguard is present. Do not drink when swimming or operating a boat.
  • Drink lots of water! Don't rely on alcoholic or carbonated beverages to quench your thirst, as these drinks can actually make you more dehydrated. If the local drinking water is questionable, make sure you have an abundant supply of bottled water.
  • If you're going to be sexually active with strangers, for gosh sakes, wear a condom if you'd like to avoid a souvenir that requires a hefty dose of medication.


this article is from:


About Veronica

State Representative Veronica Gonzales is serving her second  term in the House of Representatives representing District 41. District 41 is contained entirely in Hidalgo County and includes portions of McAllen, Edinburg, and Mission. Representative Gonzales is the first female elected to represent District 41 and currently sits on the Judiciary and Public Health Committees.   

Rep. Gonzales has had many accomplishments in two short terms.  In her first term, Veronica was elected by her colleagues to serve as Secretary of the State Democratic Caucus. She  further distinguished herself by passing the highest percentage of bills by any Democrat legislator in the House and was subsequently recognized as Freshmen of the Year by the Mexican-American Legislative Caucus and named a legislator to watch by the Texas Observer and as an Emerging Leader by the Dallas Morning News.   In her second session, Rep. Gonzales was re-elected as Secretary of the State Democratic Caucus, elected as Secretary of the Mexican-American Legislative Caucus, named as Chair of the Immigration Task Force and was recently appointed as a member on the Aspen-Rodel Fellowship in Public Leadership program.  The Aspen Institute is a national organization consisting of only 12 Republicans and 12 Democrats in the country considered rising stars who are brought together to discuss issues of democratic governance and effective public service.   

 Rep. Gonzales has passed numerous pieces of legislation in two short terms.   Her legislation includes protecting women who are victims of abuse with a address confidentiality program, protecting youth along the border with a bi-national substance abuse task force, assuring that divorced parents get all the visitation time permitted, assuring that we have sufficient water for our border citizens by converting water rights from irrigation to municipal use, widening the pool of persons who can become police officers, lighting the streets of colonias, helping students finish college sooner and pay their tuition in payments, giving families greater access to their local musum, creating new courts for our county, increasing a juror’s pay, protecting us from buying a home that has been used for the production of methamphetamines, allowing for wine-tastings in wine-only package stores, promoting products made in Texas with a “Genuine Texas” seal and the list goes on and on.

 Rep. Gonzales was raised in San Marcos, Texas.   As the first in her family to go to college, Gonzales understands the importance of a quality education.  She graduated cum laude from Southwest Texas State University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Spanish. After completing her undergraduate studies, she enrolled in the University of Texas School of Law and earned her Doctorate of Jurisprudence in 1991.  She is a name partner in the law firm of Kittleman, Thomas & Gonzales, L.L.P.  and has served her legal community in various positions including president of the Hidalgo County Young Lawyers Association, president of the Hidalgo County Bar Association and panel chair of the 12B Grievance Committee, the committee that regulates lawyers.  She recently earned the Texas Center Professionalism Award for her ethics from the Hidalgo County Bar Association.  She is a member of many organizations and sits on the board as an advisory member to the Children’s Defense Fund, the South Texas College and Texas Rural Legal Aid.

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