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Hurricane Season is Upon Us

So today is the kick off of Hurricane season, and especially in this type of situation it is better to be over-prepared then under-prepared ... 


Here are a couple of things that you MUST keep in mind when preparing for a hurricane, most of us know the basics, of course food is involved, but do you know what type of food? it is important to know that when a hurricane hits, your food can not be heated up, are you comfortable with your food getting wet? Once bread gets wet it get's moldy, so keep in mind that your food that you are packing MAY get wet, cans are always a great route. Baby Food (such as Gerbers) are always a good food to have during this type of season, while not all of them are delicious for adults, they are rich in nutrients and vitamins to keep you going, they store well, and best part? you can always find coupons for them online. INCLUDE YOUR PET, make sure to have ample of food for your pup in a plastic zip-lock bag. 


Check your insurance coverage - flood damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance. for more info go to

Create a "take box"

The take box should have everything you need to reconstruct your life in the event you evacuate and everything is lost. Passports; birth, wedding, adoption, divorce, and armed service separation certificates; copies of insurance policies; mortgage information; house and car title; large purchase receipts. You get the idea. If you have a scanner, save yourself space and heartbreak by scanning family albums and images of other keepsakes, burn those to CD and keep a copy in your take box, or make a copy of all your pictures, videos, music and documents on a external hard drive that you can keep in your take box. But remember that CD's can malfunction. Make sure you take along the original documents, if possible, make copies of them. The CD is just for convenience when shown to officials.


Discuss and practice a disaster plan with your family.

One of the most important lessons from hurricane Katrina to make sure everyone in the family knows who to contact (and how to contact them) as an out of area contact. Make sure kids know enough information so that an adult can get in touch with that person should sudden evacuation be necessary when you aren't near them. Practice this, and make other back up plans. This can be as involved as you like, but keep in mind the ages and temperaments of individuals to assure everything runs smoothly in the event you have to evacuate immediately. See Tips below for examples on how to do a run-through. Make sure to include your pets in this, do you have crates?? for dogs/cats.



in this kind of weather, layers are a key, especially if you are on stand by, you don't know if at a moments notice you may need to grab your "take box" and go. If you do pack, make sure to have all of your things in plastic bags, toiletries , socks, clothes, documents, everything needs to be in plastic bags. Rain boots are a great item to have, some places are more flooded then others, do not wear open toe shoes, you never know if there is anything floating in the water after a disaster hits. 

Recognize that your hot water heater contains 50 to 75 gallons of fresh drinking water.

The water in a hot water tank can keep one person alive and healthy for more than a month. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve. Run water out of the tank to remove any built up sediment that has collected at the bottom of the tank. To get the water out of the tank after a storm you will need to open the plumbing system by opening any hot water faucet in the house. This will release the vacuum in the tank. You must turn off the electrical breaker to the hot water tank or unplug it to prevent damage if the electricity is restored before water service.

Extinguish all candles once the rain and winds reach thunderstorm levels.

This is to assure they are not accidentally left lit when and if the winds start whipping through your home. A safe way to use candles is to put them in a saucepan, deeper than the candle is high, with shiny sides. The light will reflect off the ceiling and inside of the pot, and the candle will be protected from being knocked over. An inch or so of water in the pot isn't a bad idea, either. However, if you smell gas, hear gas, or even suspect a gas leak, do not use candles. Use light sticks.



some of the information obtained for this blog was gathered from :


Christmas Mega-Contest


- $25 Kumori Gift Certificate

- $25 LOLOS SMART CUISINE Gift Certificate

- $25 Copy Plus! Gift Certificate

- 4 tickets to RGV Vipers Game

- 4 tickets to RGV Killer Bees Game

- 4 tickets to Comedy Night at Cine El Rey

- Wine tasting for 4 at SAHADIS ($40 value)

- $25 gift certificate to Marylu's Flowers & Gifts

- In Studio Christmas Card Session - Comes with 25 Christmas Cards  ($85.00 Value) by Milestone Photography

- (we are still going to be adding more gifts)


- send us a picture of your Christmas tree

- if you have a theme, tell us why you chose that theme

- A small bio of people who decorated the tree

- And share with us if you have any favorite ornamnets


- 1 winner will be chosen

- You need to submit info to

-Your picture along with information will be posted on

-Website guest (such as yourself, your friends, family.. and page visitors) will then vote by commenting on the picture that they like best

((you can not cheat by commenting several times on your picture, we can track your IP address and see if you've submited comments more than once))


MEANWHILE My husband and I (The Muriel's) already put up our Christmas tree..our theme this year is "Candy Land" it is filled with nothing but sweets, from cupcakes, to lollipops, to candy, hershey's kisses ornaments, and giant candy canes.. we made over 20 different ornaments this year..although it is not completely finished.. here is a picture of how it looks so far.

Here is a Picture of our hand-made ornaments,

this particular one is about 12 inches long and 5 inches in diameter

last but not least, our lollipops that we made as well, they are 15 inches tall

here is how we made our ornamnets:

bought styrofoam cylinder, cellophane metallic paper and colored tissue paper.. and about 5 different ribbons!! all with cute patterns!! it was SUPER easy.. the value of each candy came about $1.56 with everything I used.. and I also made lollipops.. some using the same materials for the candy and using a bbq skewer and the other one buying a styrofoam flat circles.. and again the same sticks.. the cost for those were about $4 each.. but they were so much bigger and I only made 2! HOPE YOU ENJOYED!



- XOXO -

Lizbeth Muriel


What to do with your Halloween candy...

Many of us look forward to Halloween because of all the delicious goodies that we/ or our kids bring home.. now what?? LET US HELP YOU!! you can even start prepping for Christmas!!



1.First of all CHECK the expiration dates... ((some people may have gotten the candy last year..)) you can never be too safe..

2.Then check that the candy is sealed, wrapped the right way and that it is not spilling from any side..

3.A good way to figuere out what to do with your candy, is first by assorting it, lollipops in one pile, gum in another, chocolate pile.. and so on.. NOW LET'S MOVE ON..


1.Colorful candy can make a BEAUTIFUL Candy Garland for Christmas..


2.Recycle Chocolate: MANY chocolates such as reeses pieces, along with butterfingers, milky ways, and snickers can be used for baking goods and adult beverages... here is a link to this beautiful snickers cake


chocolate shavings also makes the PERFECT finishing touch to a chocolate martini, red velvet cake, or even a brownie.

3.START working on your gingerbread house.. the best and most delicious ginger bread houses are those which are made outside the box, literally!! make it yourself don't buy the kit.. be your own architect! from the gum drops, to snickers, crunch bars!! get creative!!  

4.SEND SOME TO OUR TROOPS!! chocolate doesn't travel well but gum, along with lollipops are GREAT travelers.. contact your local ARMY office... and see where you can drop off the candy for your troops.. you will be surprised at the positive impact that your candy can have on our troops!!

5.Candy - Caramel apples: first you will need to buy a candy apple mix or a caramel mix ((less than $2 at HEB/wal-mart..) so that it can be sticky enough for the candy.. you can wrap your apple in twizlers, smash the chocolate in tiny pieces,  and stick it on the apple, make some of skittles of your favorite football team, m&m's!! you can even use them as fundraiser!! simple, delicious and FUN!!

share with us what you do with your leftover candy ((besides eating it... hehe))


- Lizbeth L. Muriel


4 Summer Safety Tips

So summer is here.. and well the heat is intense.. for us Valley residents we feel it more than others. There are certain things that we should always keep in mind during the summer.

1.OVER HEATING is very dangerous, a lot of our kids are enjoying summer camps, and most of the activities are done outside, please make sure to pack your kids water with electrolyte such as smart water, or even some gatorade to hydrate them, always know that what your kid is sweating and burning is not water.. so WATER will not always hydrate them..

2. SUN DAMAGE: sun damage is a very serious topic, not only does it speeds up aging but it can cause skin cancer, if you notice freckles that you didn't have before please see your physician. Get into the habit of wearing SPF every single day, some make up already has it but it is not enough, consider buying different types to see what works best for you, if you are doing outdoor activities perhaps the sports sun block is more suitable.


3.CHILDREN AT PLAY: children tend to have a lot of time in their hands now that summer is here, and we are more prone to let them play outside more than usual, most of us know atleast one neighbor, but just because you may live in a nice subdivision does not mean you live in a safe one. is a website that will tell you where registered sex offenders live close by.

4.DO NOT leave anyone in the car, does not matter if it is your dog or achild, it can take less than 5 minutes for the car to reach over 100 degrees, there were some serious cases last year reported that children died immediately from heat exhaustion, even if it is just 2 minutes to drop off something, do not let anyone stay in the car.






I was Peppered and First Classed! 

Okay, so the title of my blog is a little strange!! (it's Lizbeth, not Carlos.. btw) soo last week was absolutly fun!! it was hectic, but none the less FABULOUS I was sooo psuyched about the Sex and the City 2 - COSMO party at Pepper's and that took  a big chunk of my week, but when I was able to walk in that theatre in my Manolos.. and was able to sit down, and enjoy the movie.. I know that it was all worth while!! i've noticed that it got semi-bad reviews, but really? I think everyone could related at least a bit.. no?

So as this week approached.. my big BIRTHDAY came up yesterday (Wednesday) i'm big on birthdays! but not on my own, I loveee celebrating them, but I like something intimate with few people... so I was hesitant about having a "birthday-dinner" none the less.. I said "LETS DO IT!" I wanted a chill-place but with ambiance so I immediatly thought of Pepper's.. it sounds like i'm always there (because I am..jk) but fact of the matter is that, i lovee the enviorment there!! Giselle (the commander in chief at Pepper's... haha) asked me what kind of balloons I wanted (you get your table decored with ballons of your choice for your special day there.. FOR FREE) and ofcourse, I said TIFFANY COLORED, TEAL AND WHITE! I was expecting balloons and delicious food.... and instead I got this..

completly blew my mind!! I did not expect this gorgeous surprise!! let me show you the centerpieces...

they are GIANT martini glasses, filled with tiffany colored boxes, GIANT rhinestone rings.. pearls, aqua boxes, and the table was COVERED in Giddy cupcakes that were dressed up in TIFFANY COLORS!!  and I thought I was getting balloons ONLY!! omggg!! heck no!! this was above and beyond!! The Fabulous Sandra from FIRST CLASS ENGAGEMENTS decorated the table!! It was such a wonderful birthday gift from her and Giselle and such a pleasent surprise!! I completly did not expect it!! it was absolutly divine!! everything looked amazing... we were expecting about 12 people.. but we had about 18 guests.. they were quick to accomdate them.. and our food came prompt and as always, DELICIOUS! I couldn't decided from the spaghetti or a salad.. soo I ordered both! (HEYYY I'M THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!) don't worry.. I ordered the kids spaghetti.. and I didn't finish my salad anyway.. but look what else the birthday girl got

those delicious YELLOW drinks you see there are MANGO MARTINIS!! covered in a trechas rimm... AH! it taste like liquored-liquid-candy! and ofcourse, the GIDDYS!! and what's a birthday girl without a birthday cake...


Special Thanks to:

Sandra: for working your magic, and making this day EXTRA special for me! your a true professional!

 from First Class Engagements (956-451-2996 / 956-212-2811)
email :

Giselle: for being soo hard working and giving it your all, I know I can count on you to make everything happen!! your a "yes" girl.. and i love that about you!!!

Peppers:ahh.. your food is divine.. thank you for being you!

4620 North 10th Street
Mcallen, TX 78504-2910
(956) 618-5533

Giddy Cupcakes: thank you for being so abso-freaking-gorgeous! and delicious!! i love that special surprise you have in the middle!! (


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