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"The Father Gene"

I had to comment on this. I came across this post on facebook a while back, and it reappeared on my wall time and time again by several friends on facbeook that decided to share it. I grew up watching a "A little Princess". With all those hopes and wishes that my father would some day come back and look for me.

I was raised by a fabulous single mother. We had our ups and downs and, yes she struggled A LOT. The back story isn't as important as to what i'm about to say, he did not fight for me.

     In 24 years of life he did not make ONE attempt to look for me. I tracked him down couple of years back. I honestly would look for him online at least couple of times a month once I got "the hang" of how to use some search websites more in depth.

When I first contacted him, I had high hopes and dreams, and stupidly assumed that the second we connected we would have the FATHER-DAUGHTER relationship we had always dreamed of. Well those dreams were shattered, he didn't have it in him. He didn't have that "father" gene. You don't gain that gene by being part of conception, you get that gene by being a part of a childs life. He didn't understand and would be utterly offended by my "potty mouth". At how "materialistic" he found me.

Then I realized that he too had his idea of his "dream child". I wasn't that dream child. If he wanted me to turn out so badly the way his high unrealistic standards expected me to, he should have been a part of it.

I'm thankful for what I have. Who I have, and above all I feel blessed to have a husband who LOVES our daughter 1000x times more than I could EVER imagine a father could love a daughter. Here is a picture of these two love birds being silly on Razzy's 2nd birthday. Razzy has her daddy wrapped around her little tiny finger and adores him to pieces, not a day goes by that she doesn't welcome him home with open arms and says "I love you, Dada". They are silly together, they play together, and she completes our family and has brought out an even more beautiful side of my husband that I had no idea that existed. 

I was in the hospital DYING, about to go into a surgery that they quite frankly they didn't know I was going to make it out of when my mom gave him a call for the first time and said "She's in a very serious condition, if you want to meet your daughter, right now is the time, you may not have time later". He hung up on her , immediately called me and sends me a series of LONG, and I do mean LONG text messages ranting and also SCREAMED and cursed at me for getting my mother involved. (Mind you, I was being wheeled by my surgeon who was running behind my bed to get me into the OR because my organ was starting to get necrotic (rot) and could ultimately cause necrosis in all of my organs, and dare I say it.. DIE. That's when I realized he had NO father gene, he had instead a BIG ego, and demanded time and time again I apologized for putting him in that position. 

This parents MAY have a reasonable excuse, but the only advice I have is, BE THANKFUL for who you have in your life, and be prepared to be THANKFUL for the ones you do not have.



Lizbeth Muriel


Mommy in Heels & OSCAR'S AND PEARLS

If you are anything like me, and on ocassion enjoy the GREAT OUDOORS.

I follow LAUREN CONRAD's blog, and follow her on facebook, while she has MANY MANY tips for fashion, make up tutorial, traevling etc.. There are some TIPS and IDEAS that you can morph, tweak and maky it into a MOMMY & ME ACTIVITY. Being a mommy is my favorite thing in the world, and I want to embrace it, enjoy as much time with her as possible, but at the same time maintain my HEELS/fashion (Tory burch flats).

If you are a home-body at <3 heart <3 , here is  FUN activity you sure will ENJOY. 

Being a mommy in heels is SERIOUS BUSINESS. So making the MOST out of EVERY occasion is most definitely a MUST especially when it consists of activities you ENJOY and your little DIVA in the making is still needs a little assistance in being 100% FASHIONABLE. 


 While my little Raizel (Razzle Dazzle) Muriel does love herself some CC'S SWEETS AND TWEETS cupcakes, she sure does love FINGER FOODS, perhaps instead of popcorn we will use CEREAL PUFFS for her.. SHE IS JUST 1 (; AFTER ALL. 


Here is a picture of CC'S SWEETS AND TWEETS, wonderful HEAVEN of delicious CUPCAKES, FRENCH macarons and SO MUCH MORE! Speaking of Macaron's my little one loves herself macaron's too... now that I remember, why not add them onto your OSCAR AND PEARLS menu?

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the last two items to make a night in OSCAR'S IN PEARL'S an ABSOLUTE HIT!! 

Allow your little one to go CRAZY ((well a little crazy, with supervision of course)) in your jewelry box. 

If you have any fun activities that you would like to share please send it over to 


JAM jewels 101

 A good accessory can transform ANY outfit, that's a fact. Ashley Mathers, designer of JAM Jewels had that exact thought in mind when designing her signature bracelets. Ashley Mathers, Brownsville native has created the jewelry line, JAM (Jewelery by Ashley Mathers) Jewels. These fashionable pieces are composed of beads from all parts of the world, such as Turkey, Hong Kong, and even India. While defining her style, Mathers defined it as "urban chic", "It's a bit bohemian but feminine" Mathers said. We had the opportunity to meet with this talented designer and asked her some FUN and random questions. We feel like getting to know the designer is great for the customer so that the customers can relate to them.

Here are some of the questions that asked Ashley.
1. How did it all start?
It all began about 2 years ago, fashion is my passion. I gathered my inspiration from a WILDFOX sweater with a skull. That's where my fascination with the implementation of skulls on some of my designs came from.

2. I jokingly said  to Ashley, "I see a lot of bling.. "

Her eyes light up and began to say that she LOVES THE real housewives of Atlanta, and the shamballa bead is a MUST on her designs, it adds a different and more flashy look to her bracelets than without it.

3. What is a reality TV guilty pleasure of yours?

"Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Beverly Hills, I just love Kyle and her beautiful long brown hair.. she makes me want to go brunette every time I see her."

4.On her favorite baked sweet:

RED VELVET!!! with cream cheese..

5.Favorite colors:
Pink, Black and Gold

6.What is your tallest heel:"Currently wearing them, about 5 1/2 inches" WHOAAA!!!

7. Favorite Quote:

"What lies behind you and what lies infront of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you" Ralph Waldo Emerson"

8.So, have you read 50 shades of Grey?
No   ((yes, I freaked out a bit, and carried on))

9.Favorite bead to design with:

Bone bead, star dust bead

10. What kind of music do you listen to?

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hip Hop, rap, Frank Ocean

Something Ashley made very clear while casually speaking to her, is that she wants to design for young contemporary girls,
she wants her Jam Jewels to be stacklable, and she would love to see them in boutiques all over the United States, she wants to keep the prices reasonable and accesible while using high quality materials that are hand crafted from all over the world. "Affordable style is a priority in my line. Every girl needs to be able to afford fabulousness" said Ashley.

JAM Jewels is being sold exclusively at
Uniques and Sylvia's in McAllen, she is currently preparing for market in Atlanta and already designing Spring 2013 bracelets. To keep up with JAM Jewels very latest, visit them on facebook at :





Lizbeth Muriel





I sure do love MERLOT.

Wait a minute, before you get some wild idea about how i'm writing a blog about my wine choices, i'm not reffering to the MERLOT wine. Come to think of it, that is one of my favorite red's. I am talking about the MERLOT color, and how it is the PERFECT fall color. MAJOR designers are using this are their FALL color inspiration. 


What can type of clothes can NEVER be a bothersome in your closet?? An LBD (Little Black Dress) .. nothing too trendy because it can go out of style from season to season, FALL (pun intended) for FASHIONABLE dresses that can trensend from season to seasn, NOT trends. Think of Audrey Hephburn in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S.. that movie was released in the 1961. THAT gorgeous dress can still be worn today.  

Now that you've got your LBD, (long or short) now off to find the PERFECT merlot shoes. Let us give you a beautiful option. 

This gorgeous pair is by Alice + Olivia, it is the Dina Suede pump, and an absolute wardrobe must-have, these suede alice + olivia pumps have a sexy angular vamp. Stiletto heel and leather sole. Leather: Kidskin. Can be worn with any LBD, or a gorgeous form fitting skinny jean and your favorite comfy sweater. BEAUTIFUL!!

Looking for  TALL pump?? Check out these stunning pumps by Pour La Victoria - Irina. Don't they remind you of the FASHION forward Victoria Beckham shoes?Yeah, but her's are THOUSANDS of dollars, and these are just as beautiful, great brand and only a fraction of the price. 

Now check out how your gossip girl rocks those merlot colored shoes.


Looking into keeping up with the latest styles?? For that, and to find these FALL shoes, visit Sylvia's in McAllen.

Located at 4300 N 10th St # B  McAllen, TX 78504 // 
(956) 682-8172 //



- xoxo - 

Lizbeth Muriel

twitter : @LizbethMuriel

Facebook: /Lizbeth.Muriel



Superhero 1st Birthday Party

I can’t take credit for this theme; it was the idea of the parents. If it was up to me my nephew would have had a Farm inspired party because they do in fact have a horse in their back yard. Oh well maybe next year.

Party Favors

One of the things I like to do for party’s is come up with a unique favor for the kids to take home to remember the party. I really try and match the theme of the party as much as possible, so in this case Superhero. This had me thinking for not that long. What can I find that is in-expensive to give kids. My initial idea was to give a coloring book and Crayola crayons (they are cheap at the beginning of the school year) and I really wanted to give a Frisbee decorated like the Capitan America shield.


 I was trying to find full size red Frisbee’s but had a hard time finding some so I went with the next option, Superhero puzzles.  I bought regular size gift bags from Target in red, yellow, green & blue and attached a triangle with an E to the front of the bag, I also attached little Thank You for Celebrating Eli’s Super Day tags. (Printable from Lauren McKinsey).


There were two tables with food. One with hamburgers, hotdogs, buns and condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish) and another with all the fixings (cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions) not to mention chips, potato salad and pasta salad).


The kids had lots to do, there were two moon jumps with superhero balls inside and a waterslide that the kids loved. During the middle of the party there was a Batman Piñata and the favor bags were passed out so the kids could have something to store their candy.


The birthday boy’s grandma made lots of cupcakes in blue and yellow and decorated them with cute superhero toppers and a small cake with a 1 for the birthday boy.

CC’s Sweets & Tweets made some superhero cookies made from cutters that I purchased at Williams Sonoma.


My nephew had a custom outfit with a cape, mask, shirt, arm bands that came from a seller on Etsy. It was super cute and the birthday boy loved it!

In my opinion the party was a hit, all the kids had a great time and some didn’t even want to go home!